The Empowered Queen

Nourishing The Sensual Woman

Laara Copley-Smith

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Welcome Gorgeous. 

The Empowered Queen is a sacred place where you can step into nourishing yourself in a deep delicious way. The perfect place to nurture yourself inside and out whilst embracing the Divine Feminine, Self Love and Empowerment.
The place for Women who have a desire to step into their Sacred Beauty, Uniqueness and Own Soul Nourishment who recognise support will be invaluable for their individual journey.
You may be looking to make changes to your diet, add more plant based foods or transition to a plant based diet. Transform old habits and behaviours to infuse greater wellness and health into your daily life. Whilst creating positive changes to nourish yourself on every level to reclaim Your Feminine Beauty and Power.
Are you ready for deeper Self Nourishment & Self Love.  


Is It Your Time 

To embrace your first steps on a new journey and step up to your next level ? 
Empowering changes within your diet and how you nourish yourself on every level will sky rocket your confidence, deepen your connection to your Sacred Feminine with the potential to change every area of your life.
Coaching and support will pave the way on your Sacred Food & Self Love Journey to nourish you deeply and to create a wellness system which works for you in your life. Creating sustainable changes to enable you to step into the reality of a New You with confidence and at greater speed.

Discovering and embracing yourself on a deeper Soulful Level.

Embracing a cleaner diet abundant with plant based foods, creating a new wellness system including selflove and care rituals will be the beginning of your transformation. 

Embrace Your Sacred Journey

Are You a Woman Being Called to Step into Your Unique Beauty Returning to Self ?

Why Plant Based


The Sensual

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